"i’m black and i’m not offe—"


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"I’ve been through a lot, I deserve a lot." - Ab Soul (via brother2thenight)

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Esther Jones, known by her stage name, “Baby Esther,” was a singer and entertainer of the late 1920s. She performed regularly at The Cotton Club in Harlem. Helen Kane saw her act in 1928 and appropriated Jones’ ‘baby’ singing style for a recording of “I Wanna Be Loved By You.” Jones’ style went on to become the inspiration for the voice of Betty Boop.(What I Looked up)

Today in Black people invented everything you hold near and dear…

There are a few old Betty Boop cartoons on YouTube where she’s actually animated as Black. I’m both incredibly proud & disgusted to finally have names of all of the Black women who shaped so much of American culture after all of these years of being ignored.


i really like it when boys look nice in suits like wow a+ you can wear that to my bedroom

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Speak On It. #Repost from @dalai_mama_ —- #hiphop #justice #mikebrown #ferguson #policebrutality #hypocrites #stoppromotingviolence

Okay see here’s my issues with this here. What you’re saying is "Hip Hop [read: black people] we can’t ask to be treated as HUMANS if our music ever says anything indecent or unlawful."
You are holding an entire diaspora responsible for their own degradation because of MUSIC LYRICS. You are saying that if we say shitty things, we don’t deserve to expect to have the right to life. Like that’s literally what you’re saying.
And theeeeeeen, you’re not even thinking about how carefree white folks are so easily allowed the right to feel human and safe. But you know, country music, and many genres of rock, pop, etc. have plenty of misogyny and lawlesness. Plenty. You don’t hold those genres of music against the fact that they also would want to feel safe and human, because…?
Just. No.



Brown boys and their gold chains given to them by their mothers that they never take off

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Snoop wild lol
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